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Name: Scarhorn Ebonhoof
Archetype: Mystic/Field Healer
Tribal Role: Resin (but can function as leaf in time of need)

Strength: 0
Endurance: 2
Constitution: 0
Willpower: 3
Spirit: 3

Max HP: 10

Based on your character's skills and experience of weapons, you will be allowed modifiers of a MAXIMUM of +2/-2 to your rolls of that use. A +2 means extremely skilled/seasoned, -2 means inexperienced or unsuitable to use, while a 0 means average skill level. You are not obliged to +/- every type.

Daggers: 0
One-handed Sword: 0
One-handed Axe: 0
One-handed Mace: 0
Fist Weapon/Unarmed: -1 (Do I look like a Barbarian?)
Dual-Wielding: - 2 (You must be joking)
Shield (Offensively): +2 Experienced in 2x4’s
Two-Handed Sword: -1 (To Sharp)
Two-Handed Axe: -2 (Axes are so last moon cycle)
Two-Handed Mace: -3 (The only thing I am 2 handing is…….)
Polearm: +1 Experienced in pole work
Staff: +2 Yeah I can use a magic stick, want to fight about it?
(Druid Only) Feral: 0 (not a hippie)

Gun: - 2 (Oh god the noise!!)
Crossbow: -1 (not in the mood to crank)
Bow & Arrow: +2 (better with long bow)
Throwing: -1 (Um you’ve seen my other comments right?)
Explosives: -2 (can’t do, but yes please!!)

These are offensive magic spells.
(Druid Only) Balance: 0 (again not a hippie)
Fire: +1
Frost/Water: +2 (natural affinity)
Arcane: -1
Earth: + 1/2
Wind: +1
Electric: 0 (no I have not put a screw driver in a light socket……. This year..)
Holy: +2 (healer)
Fel: -2 (Hooves and horns, but no wings -kicks rocks-)
Shadow: -1
Runic: 0

Based on your character’s attire and skill of maneuverability in said armor. Allowed a MAXIMUM of -2/+2 to each armor type. -2 means hindered or uncomfortable in said armor, +2 means seasoned fully protected/armor in good condition. 0 means unburdened yet not fully experience in maneuverability.

Physical: +2 (Buff in the Bluff)
Cloth: +2 (Cotton the fabric of our lives!)
Leather: -1 (Can do to please, but please no)
Mail: -1 (so you want me to wear a fence?)
Plate: -2 (Did you fall down and smack your little head on the pavement?)
Parry: +1 (Staves)
Shield (Defensively): -1 (not quite on “Top” of things)
Dodge: +2 (no diet, no bull’s)

This is either resisting naturally, or a manipulation of magic. Example; a frost mage can either withstand a frost bolt, or gain control to deflect, or encase in ice to shield themselves. A + means skilled and aligned to that school of magic, - means a vulnerability to that school. 0 means you have no positive/negative effect either way, no form of magic resistance.

(Druid Only) Balance: 0 (refuses to grow flowers!!)
Frost/Water: +2 (natural affinity)
Fire: 0 (not another Barbeque)
Arcane: 0 (Mage say what?)
Earth: -1 (Mystic, not meant to be on 1 plain)
Electric: -2 (Sizzle)
Wind: +2 (Weather is different up here #Taller than the average Tauren)
Holy: +1 (healer)
Fel: -2 (Child of the Earth Mother)
Shadow: +1 (healer)
Runic: 0 (oooooh Pretty Designs)
Nightmare Corruption: 0 (so not a hippie)