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Tribe Foundations

Etu Treehoof / Aug 06, 2016
Now that we have established ourselves as a tribe, it's time to go over what our plans are for the future!

The Treehoof tribe will be focusing on helping all parts of Azeroth with any disturbances of nature, helping to maintain the Emerald Dream, and assisting other people/tribes/clans with their plights.

Once Legion arrives, we'll sure have our handfuls dealing with the onslaught of the Burning Legion, and with the opening of the Broken Isles, there will be new lands to discover and the Highmountain Tauren for diplomacy.

At a core, our tribe focuses on three values. Compassion, Tolerance, and Love.
We will not hold prejudice to any race of Azeroth.
We will not hold prejudice to whom requires our aid.
We will not hold prejudice to what tribe or clan someone belongs to.
We will show caring and understanding to the world around us.
We will be a benevolent face upon Azeroth.

If you see someone in need, take initiative and help them out. See someone in danger? Protect them. If they are hurt, heal them. If they are hungry, feed them. To care for the balance of nature means to not only help nature, but those who walk among it as well.


OOCly, we will be focusing on a lot of nature based events, as well as combating Legion in various parts of Azeroth.

We are still accepting members, both druid and non-druid alike.

We will be using a d20 modifier system which you can find here.

Officers in game are: Etutreehoof/Etutreescar, Ragehide, Endlesshunt, and Mojag.


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