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d20 Event System
For combat based events, we will be using a custom d20 system that will help promote a characters strengths and weaknesses influenced in the dice roll.

Before anyone are to sign up and join for events, they will need to fill out a modifier sheet that they can find here.
This modifier sheet will allow people to allocate points to 5 different traits and create positive and negative modifiers to various schools and fighting styles that will adhere to certain characters in given situations. Here's a listing of the modifier sheet, and here's a blank one for you to fill out.

After people have made their own personal mod sheet in their own thread in the given forum, they may attend any event they sign up for. Events will be posted in the In-Game calendar as well as the website calendar. All times will be WrA server-time (Pacific time for USA).

Event rules can be found here.

During events, everyone will be responsible for keeping track of their modifiers and HP. If you have a roleplay addon, it is suggested to put your current HP in your currently to help both keep track and to allow the healers to see where everyone is at in case heals needed to be dispersed. The DM will not be keeping track of everyone's hp or modifiers, so this will purely be based on an honor system that you are keeping track. It is not the DM's responsibility to keep track of your hp.

Event content will range different incursions of pure combat, a mix of healing and combat, and healing sessions that will have everyone's roles be of use. All events will have both positive and negative outcomes that may effect future events depending how the event proceeds.

For members that missed out on previous events, or if anyone else are interested in reading in the escapades of the tribe, they will find a thread that contains synopsis' of recent events, found here.