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Q: Can I join if I’m not a druid?
A: Yes! Any class is able to join. A tribe will be more versatile if we have different hands to help, but the tribe will favor more for druids in terms of given content.

Q: What about if I’m not a tauren?
A: While our guild will have a focus on tauren culture and rp, it does not necessarily mean we will only be accepting tauren. Keep that in mind if you’re willing to join as we will judge on a case by case basis. No Undead, Warlocks, or Demon Hunters. Death Knights are scrutinized.

Q: What lvl am I required to join?
A: Lvl isn’t a requirement but since our tribe will be located in Desolace it is suggested that you be at least lvl 35 to be able to safely venture. And once we get into the Broken Isles be content lvl appropriate, but we will do our best to bring all levels in.

Q: Any requirements?
A: We require at least one(1) roleplay addon such as MRP or TRP, and a general knowledge of druid lore (we’ll even take those new to the lore and help inform them icly and oocly), and a drive to be an active member of rp.

Q: Will you be Raiding/PvPing?
A: As of right now our focus is RP but if our numbers grow considerably in the future we can focus on PvE and PvP content if anyone wishes to contribute.

Q: What are the rules?
A: Our guild will have a friendly and welcoming environment so please be respectful to your fellow guildmates on all level skills of rp, as well as anyone outside of the guild. Know when to separate IC and OOC, and generally be a good name.